Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sushi Salad

Sometimes me and my boyfriend make sushi at home. We don't skimp though- we get the good stuff. Eel, smoked salmon, avocado, etc. But it's really hard for two people to use up all those ingredients in one go round and we're usually left with lots of seafood and veggies. Instead of making up another batch of sushi later in the week, I decided to try something new and make a salad with all the leftovers. And let me tell you it was good. So good that I ended a two year blogging hiatus to tell you about it. Here's what I used to make this magical salad:

-baby spinach
-cucumber (peeled)
-smoked salmon
-imitation crab
-green onions
-store bought ginger dressing

*Leftover sushi rice would be good too if you have it.

I highly suggest you try this salad or any variation of it. Hopefully I'll be sharing more recipes and food related information soon. If we're lucky, April will be chiming in as well.